~contains spoilers~ 

Amnesiac is such an intriguing take on the psychological thriller. I loved the pace and era of the film; it suited the story being told well. It felt like watching an unravelling of Kate's character's mind as she watched Wes Bentley’s character piece together his. She was so single minded in her determination to have a family, no matter the cost. I really liked the random facts as if she was lacing the bizarreness of the situation with a casual sense of normalcy.

The music is suspenseful and paired with the cosmetic beeping of machines, dripping taps and the like makes for a great soundtrack steeped in creepiness. Kate’s wardrobe was stunning to the era and the cold muted colours were a perfect counterpart to the warm soft wood of the house. I feel the most poignant outfit was the fur coat when Wes’ character sees her covered in blood wielding a saw. Classy versus dangerous. Elegant versus murderous.  It’s also a nice touch how the paper on the cop’s desk is folded so as not to give away who is missing.

As always Michael’s direction and eye for detail are superb. The lighting was gorgeous; from mostly natural light and fire, to the overuse of bulbs in the basement. Framing scenes through doorways made everything look smaller, more confined and draws the viewer in, focusing you on the emotions of the moment while adding to the eeriness of the situation. The use of side on and upside-down camera angles also adds to the overall feel of the film.  

Kate did such a brilliant job at portraying someone so calm, poised & calculated in their intentions. I loved how all her motions were so slow and precise and her words an eerie mixture of sweet and chilling in their monotony. You learn just enough as the film unfolds to its reveal to wonder if her demeanor and precision are the result of trauma or the calculating actions of a psychopath. Do you sympathise or should you be scared of her: all will be revealed!  

Wes Bentley was great as the confused husband piecing together misinformation with scattered memories. Never sure what to think at any given time, not knowing what’s happening until it’s too late, but going through a roller coaster of emotions as the horror of his situation unravels before him.

The illusiveness of Olivia Rose Keegan’s Audrey for the majority of the film made for a great mystery to the story: was she dead and Kate’s character was traumatised by her loss, was she kidnapped or did she even exist at all.

And it's always nice to see Patrick Bauchau; he just seems so genuine.

Whether you enjoy the psychological thriller or not you will be intrigued by the story, drawn to the cinematography and wondering until the very end what the real story is.

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